Ohio Senate passes bill banning LEED certification

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Big Chem has always been a big deal in the State of Ohio, even though it has seen better days and is deep in the rust belt. It has been a bit of a hotbed of green building, as the chairman of the US Green Building Council in Ohio noted last year:

Ohio is the No. 1 state in the nation in green schools. Green schools, like all green buildings, promote occupant health by increasing daylight and reducing noxious chemicals. They promote prosperity by reducing energy costs. They are more sustainable because they promote the use of locally sourced and recycled materials. And they reduce construction waste and water use.

But certain senators don't like the USGBC's LEED certification system, and have moved to have it banned in Ohio. Yesterday they passed a resolution in the Senate that pretty much bans LEED from use in the state, and promotes "consensus based", "private sector", "ANSI based" standards, which is pretty much a description of Green Globes, that alternative system that the "Godfather of Green" Jerry Yudelson just took over. The language of the legislation is so transparently obvious, promoting one certification while banning the other, that it is surprising that it is legal:

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David Scott of Ohio Green Building Law sums up the silliness of this.

They complain that LEED v4 creates a “blacklist” of certain products that unfairly discriminates against their stuff. Only problem: The blacklist doesn’t exist. Strike one.

They complain that LEED v4 doesn’t meet “American National Standards Institute voluntary consensus standard procedures.” Only problem: An independent, multi-year study commissioned by the United States General Services Administration and prepared by division of Battelle, confirms that LEED is indeed a “consensus” standard.

They complain that their concerns weren’t heard during the LEED v4 development process. Only problems: Their own literature details their extensive input into LEED v4, which was approved only after an unprecedented six comment periods resulting in over 22,000 public comments, with 86% of overall membership in favor of adoption... Strike three, you’re out.

Be sure to read David Scott's series at Ohio Green Building Law.

Why are they doing this? As Mr. McGuire noted in the Graduate, Plastics.. As their sock puppets in congress noted in an earlier attempt to gut LEED, they are "deeply concerned that the LEED rating system is becoming a tool to punish chemical companies and plastics makers." They prefer Green Globes, which is more lumber, plastic and generally industry friendly. See more on The divide between the plastics industry and green building and What's so vile about vinyl?

Jerry YudelsonJerry Yudelson/Promo image

Paging Jerry Yudelson

All of these laws that specifically mention ANSI standards are basically promoting Green Globes certification while banning LEED, notwithstanding that Green Globes isn't quite ANSI and LEED is consensus based. One would think that the Godfather of Green building, Jerry Yudelson, would have something to say, perhaps telling his industry friends to call off the dogs. What do you say, Jerry?

Ohio Senate passes bill banning LEED certification
The wood and plastics industry prefers Green Globes and is designing laws around it. Paging Jerry Yudelson.

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