Note to Bloggers: Not Every Building with Corrugated Metal is Made of Shipping Containers

I was reading a post from Freshhome about a house apparently made with a recycled shipping container in Argentina when I noticed I couldn’t figure out how the container was placed, so I went to the architect’s website to take a closer look.

The description of the project mentioned nothing about containers, so I contacted HMA, the firm, to ask about it. “In the work you’re talking about there was no use of a container,” was the quick response from the architect.

We know, recycled shipping containers are everywhere, they’re very cool and everyone wants to talk about them. But that doesn’t mean that every project created with a material or structure that resembles a shipping container actually contains them.

The house remodeling created by HMA is actually a quite clever and beautiful extension of the space.

What used to be a quincho (a sort of storage/living space usually built in the backyard of houses here in Argentina) was transformed into a loft with independent access, kitchen, office, guest room, playroom and gym (more pictures and plans here).

It could actually just have been posted like an interesting small space. Just not a shipping container project.

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