New York Apple store hit by snowblower, shattering glass

Apple Cube
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The iconic apple store on Fifth Avenue in New York is an amazing bit of glass engineering, a six million dollar monument to minimalist design. It took a hit in the snow storm yesterday, and reacted like tempered and laminated glass does: it broke into little pieces that are held together by the plastic lamination layer in the middle. While the repair isn't going to cost anything like the $450,000 that 9 to 5 mac claims it might, it is going to be expensive.

A greener option that they might consider is just leaving it the way it is. At the Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto, the main entry door got hit and busted like this, and they liked the pattern so much they left it the way it was. Nobody walks into the door anymore, it is totally visible. And it would save a fortune.

Of course one might also note that glass is a lousy building material, fairly fragile, has terrible thermal properties and only a totally crazy person would try and do this, and would spend so much money in the process. But then I am writing this on my MacBook Pro so I would be a hypocrite if I did.

New York Apple store hit by snowblower, shattering glass
Like their computers, this thing wasn't designed for easy repair.

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