A New Form of Subsidized Housing and Urban Intensification: Living in a Billboard

Billboards are interesting architectural phenomena. There are about 450,000 of them in America, and most people hate them. But what if they served a useful function instead of just advertising?

After all, They are incredibly strong to deal with wind loads; They are usually tall in wide open spaces so that they can be seen from a great distance, but that means they also have great views; They are exposed to wind and sun, creating lots of energy generating opportunities. Perhaps most importantly, they usually pay their own way, generating a lot of money.

That's why the Billboard house by Apostrophy's, a Thai multi-disciplinary design studio, is so interesting. They are proposing a lovely thin house that is actually built into a billboard structure. They tell Archdaily that they "considered “Billboard house” the perfect combination between O.D.M. (Outdoor Media), the representative of “Capitalism” and “House,” the basic need of human being"

The main component of standard Billboard house is composed by a trailer base as a moveable base for 3 storey house within the billboard structure. For the exterior first side of its façade is composed with trivision billboard. It can change the image on both sides that make it as a kinetic façade create a different pattern on both side of the house. For another side is composed by Thai style blending iron which normally found in house of a big city. This blending iron can be moved and create a different pattern. And up to the top is covered with solar cell roof as a main energy source for the house.

Consider it a new form of subsidized housing; inhabited billboards paid for by the advertising on their sides. Lots more pictures and drawings at Archdaily

It's not the first time we have seen Inhabited Billboards

A New Form of Subsidized Housing and Urban Intensification: Living in a Billboard
It makes sense; They have great views, lots of exposure to wind and sun, and think of all the exercise you'll get climbing up.

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