New Drywall From Serious Materials Saves Serious Energy


Drywall is boring, but it the stuff that houses are made of; 50 billion square feet of it gets produced each year. Its production consumes almost one percent of all US energy, creating 51 million tons of greenhouse gases in the process. Green building material startup Serious Materials wants to change that; CEO Kevin Surace says "Drywall is the third largest producer of greenhouse gases among building materials. It's behind cement and steel."

His company has developed EcoRock, a new board that is produced without heat, saving 90% of the embodied energy. According to Michael Kanellos at Cnet, "EcoRock actually costs less to make than regular drywall, but the raw materials cost more. In the end, a 4x10-foot sheet of EcoRock drywall might sell for around $20, while standard drywall can range in price from $20 down to $10. The price on EcoRock, however, will decline with mass production, while traditional drywall will likely go up with increases in fuel price."

This is a commodity product that needs a big factory, so they are out trying to raise fifty million bucks. We hope they get it; such a product would make a serious difference. ::Serious Materials via ::Earth2tech