Natureworks PLA Biodegradable Plastic Packaging

Ideally all the thirsty spectators at the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City would have brought their own refillable drinking vessels. But the organizers knew it wasn’t going to happen that way, so they went with the next best option: biodegradable plastic cups. It takes more than chucking them on the compost heap for them to degrade, but industrial processes can do the trick—perfect for a high waste volume event like the Olympics. Natureworks PLA, the plastic used in the cups and these produce packages, is made from cornstarch (a renewable resource). NAT-UR—the manufacturer of the Olympics cups as well as biodegradable plastic cutlery, compost bags, and other products—can provide a full, customized service to help companies plan and implement biodegradation. 100 10 oz. cups: $26 online. ::NAT-UR (formerly Biocorp) Natureworks PLA Packaging [by KK]