Movable Green Walls Create a Transformer Garden (Video)

Movable Green Walls photoMaximize Design/Video screen capture

From a transformer apartment with moving walls to an old-garage-turned-stunning-tiny-house, we are well aware that adaptable living spaces can be key to living with less.

But what about gardens?

Maximize Design, a Dublin landscape design company, has patented a movable system of planters and even living walls that help homeowners with limited space create numerous configurations for their outdoor space, depending on mood and desired use.

Here's a photo of their basic planter system.

movable green walls 2 photoMaximize Design/Video screen capture

And here's what the living walls look like. Even though our own Lloyd has some gripes about living walls as greenwash, i think he'd agree that helping people to make the most of a small physical footprint is a valuable feature, especially in an urban environment.

movable green walls photoMaximize Design/Video screen capture

Having lived in a few urban homes with teeny-tiny outdoor dwellings, I can see the utility in something like this. If nothing else, it could be used to provide a privacy screen when wanted, or to allow a view out to the street when you'd prefer to people watch.

What would you grow? And has anyone created a DIY version in their own yard?

Movable Green Walls Create a Transformer Garden (Video)
We've heard of transformer apartments, but what about a transformer garden. These movable green walls create flexible outdoor spaces.

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