More on Marmoleum

Marmoleum 01.jpgTreehugger has marvelled at Marmoleum before (marblized linoleum flooring) but we just attended a presentation where we held the ingredients in our hands and we were so impressed that we thought a little more detail was in order.

flax labeled.gif
The main ingredient is linseed oil, produced by pressing seeds from flax, an easy to cultivate and abundant plant.
rosins labeled.gif
Pine Rosins act as a flexible binder. Pine Rosin is extracted from pine trees around the world.
wood flour labeled.gif
They used to use cork, but have turned to wood flour, a very fine sawdust made from controlled European sustainable forests.
pigments labeled.gif
Ecologically friendly natural pigments are used
jute labeled.gif
and the backing is natural jute grown and woven in India and Bangladesh.

The ingredients are squeezed through rollers onto the backing, and hung up to dry, draped over rollers, exactly as they have done for 150 years.

add to the mix that it is naturally antibacterial and antistatic, and has a useful life of 40 years, and it is hard to think of how a flooring product could be more "green" than this.



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