Monster house is topped with a pair of tilted shipping containers

Because the house will be an icon in the middle of a forest, so why not?

We have often wondered on TreeHugger whether shipping container architecture makes sense. Now Indonesian architect shows us what is perhaps the most nonsensical and silly use of shipping containers yet, where they are a nothing more than a tilted hat on top of a monster house on the island of Lombak, an Indonesian island east of Bali.

clay house interior© Fernando Gomulya via Dezeen

There are interesting green things going on in this house; the walls are made of local clay mixed with sand, cement, straw and cow dung. Interior cladding is made from flattened bamboo. Dezeen explains:

The plant was harvested at night when no photosynthesis was taking place, so most of its starch is still in the roots. It then underwent a process of preservation, which included submersion in sea water for two months and a coating of paint.

master bedroom interior© Fernando Gomulya via Dezeen

But the shipping containers! They are “locally sourced” and angled up at 60 degrees to make a high ceiling in the master bedroom.

containers in the distance© Fernando Gomulya via Dezeen

Shipping containers have their place in architecture and housing, but for what purpose? The architect says that the appearance of this house is important:

In the presence of this location on the hill, of course we have to be careful because this building will automatically become an icon of the surrounding environment.

And now that icon will be a pair of tilted shipping containers.

shipping container hat© Fernando Gomulya via Dezeen

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