Modular Arts Mineral Panels


Since we last covered Modular Arts, this stunning Sony Design Center was published in Interior Design, with a lovely custom designed panel. Modular Arts lets you dump the drywall and replace it with a mineral panel with a range of patterns and textures. Panels are "composed entirely of nontoxic mineral and are not subject to hazardous polymerization (do not off-gas VOC's like plastics, or formaldehyde like many wood composites). They contain no accelerators, retardants, or release agents, many of which contain either probable or confirmed carcinogens. In addition, we are very happy about the recent implementation of a system that entirely eliminates waste water from our manufacturing process. modularArts, Inc. now recycles ALL of the water used in manufacturing --even water that is used to rinse machinery and tooling is brought back into the process with a gravity filtration system." ::Modular Arts via ::ReadingToronto