Modern Houseboat is a minimalist retreat

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It was the diagonal bracing that attracted my attention first. If you are going to build something light , this is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of material you need. Paul Rudolph used them in his wonderful Walker Guest House; They make a lot of sense in a floating home, which is subject to more stress and movement than a conventional building. Here, in the Modern Houseboat on Berlin's Spree River, you can see them on both the walls and the ceiling.

There is a lot of glass and what looks like a steel frame, so it isn't that light. Chris, the owner, tells Welcome Beyond:

There is ample space, a generous living area, an open plan kitchen, a bathroom, a toilet and a double bedroom. What makes it really special are the huge windows opening up towards the water right in front of you. You feel as if you are completely withdrawn from the city, it is really quiet and peaceful. Of course, the boat also rocks a little bit — not as much as you may think as it is quite heavy. But if there is a big boat passing or if it is windy when you are going to bed, it’ll gently rock you to sleep.

It is perhaps not the greenest houseboat we have shown on TreeHugger, (air conditioning? On a boat?) but it is very easy on the eyes. For rent at Modern Houseboat.

Modern Houseboat is a minimalist retreat
A nice place to stay if you are in Berlin.

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