Modern House in Montreal is Built With Healthy and Local Materials

Ecologia House© Alexandre Parent

It's called Ecologia Montreal, and is designed by Gervais Fortin to show that " it’s possible to build an ecological house without sacrificing the contemporary design." I never knew this was a problem, but will grant owner Sabine Karsenti that she has definitely managed it. She is trying "to reduce to a minimum her ecological footprint by using healthy, local and little polluting materials."

Ecologia House Front© Alexandre Parent
Let's get the problems out of the way first; it is built with insulated concrete forms, a concrete and polystyrene sandwich which I do not think is the greenest choice. It's big. It has geothermal radiant heating under wood floors, which is like insulating your radiator. But other than that there is a lot going for it: local materials, low VOC, hemp and lime plaster. Of course, it is topped off with a green roof.

Ecologia House Dining© Alexandre Parent

I do like the look of the beamed ceiling.

Ecologia House Master© Alexandre Parent

The bathroom fixtures, prominently displayed in the bedroom, are made with a vegetable based resin, a new line from Quebec manufacturer Wetstyle made from "a proprietary, patent-pending, environmentally responsible material."

Ecologia House Court© Alexandre Parent

An interesting and unusual feature:

Ecologia Montréal is the first house in Quebec to integrate the BioGeometry ™ science, to control electromagnetic fields, to consider the energy of the earth and to infuse domestic water, in a vortex which enhences biophotons. The combination of all these factors, harmonize the emotional, vital and spiritual levels of the home and of its occupants.

Looking for more information on BioGeometry, I find that it is a system invented by Egyptian Architect and Scientist Dr. Ibrahim Karim.

We are all dynamic living energy systems, existing in the sea of energy vibrations that is our world. Our vital energy systems are in constant interaction with each other and with our environment, exchanging energy effects on all levels. These energy effects can be grouped or categorized in a qualitative scale according to their resonant and harmonic effects on biological energy systems.

So on top of all the wonderful green features, the house has good vibrations.

More at Ecologia Montreal and V2.Com

Modern House in Montreal is Built With Healthy and Local Materials
It's also designed according to "Biogeometric Principles" with nothing but good vibrations

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