Tiny folding winter hut Is made with walls of ice

Most of the small space designs we feature are meant for cities, where real estate is at a premium. But this clever space saving hut is meant as a getaway from the urban center. It doesn't get much simpler than this: the hut only fits one person, and consists of a folding wooden frame and chicken wire walls the owner makes whole by filling them in with ice.

The design, called "Unavailability," is the work of Gartnerfulgen Arkitekter (Norweigan for Gardener Bird Architects).

"Unvailability" only really works in the winter, and it's designed primarily as an ice fishing hut. Astrid Rohde Wang and Olav Lunde Arneberg of Gartnerfulgen say the frame can be assembled in just 30 seconds. Once frozen, the ice walls provide protection from the wind while letting in sunlight.

When you want to change locations, knock out the ice, fold up the frame and tuck it under your arm. Super simple, beautiful, and made for connecting with the outdoors- it doesn't get much better than that.

Tiny folding winter hut Is made with walls of ice
A super minimalist mobile ice fishing hut consists of a wooden frame, some chicken wire and walls of ice, made on the spot.

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