Mjölk: Wood Never Looked So Good

When doing a post on architect Janis Kravis I happened upon the website for a store called Mjölk, which is Swedish for Milk. It is in a transitional part of Toronto called the Junction, where shabby old shops are being upgraded as the area gets seriously gentrified. The website didn't prepare me for what I found when I got there, which is one of the most beautiful retail interiors I have been seen in Toronto in years, all made out of wood, much of which was recycled and repurposed.

It is designed by Christine Ho Ping Kong and Peter Tan of Studio Junction, who live and work in the spectacular courtyard house seen on TreeHugger, Dwell and Planet Green, and demonstrates the same masterful use of wood.

rear of storeLloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

Partner Juli Daoust told me that the shoji-like screen at the back was recycled from a partition in the old office, that the desk and decorative wood wall were all recycled materials.

displayLloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

The stuff being sold is as beautiful as the shop, it is like a museum of the best in Scandinavian and Japanese design, things that will last forever. Juli and John write:

In our eyes just the simple satisfaction of functionality and durability, is all you need for a successful product, but when you can derive beauty from the uttermost simplistic tools, then you have something special.

They are in the process of restoring the historically listed facade as well, mixing the old and the new. A lovely bit of beautiful design filled with beautiful stuff at Mjölk.

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Mjölk: Wood Never Looked So Good
How simple recycled materials, in the hands of a talented designer, can make a store into a thing of beauty

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