Spiraling Tower Keeps a Tree Upright and Provides Amazing Views

MIRADOR DE LA PALMERAbirdman143/Video screen capture

In the Spanish town of Daya Vieja, a grove of six palm trees has an unusually grand support system. After a palm tree collapsed in town, architect Joaquin Alvado Bañon designed a unique way to keep the trees standing, and provide some entertainment for residents and tourists as well. The result is the Mirador del Palmeral, or "Viewpoint from the Palm Grove," a three story spiraling metal walkway.

The tower, described on Bañon's site as the third in the "Variation Guggenheim" series, looks rather like a roller coaster made for pedestrians. Instead of speed, the Mirador offers awesome, 360 degree views of Daya Vieja, on the southwestern coast of Spain.

While the Mirador certainly uses more materials, and takes up more space, than a traditional support system would, it deserves credit for bringing visitors closer to the trees and creating a pleasant experience, while performing a valuable function as well.

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