"Miner's Shelter" At Taliesin West Is a Tiny Gem

Taliesen West, Frank Lloyd Wright's winter office and now an architectural school, was always different from any other. Students have to sleep outside in the desert, either in tents or shelters. David Frazee built a lovely shelter for himself as a modeled after a miner's shelter.

Shelters are similar to the tents with the exception that they possess more permanence. The site I chose to build my shelter on was an existing site constructed in the1980’s. My building only touches the existing site at two points and reorients user’s views away from the city of Phoenix towards the McDowell Mountains.

Frazee describes his work:

Like my shelter design, I am interested in exploring symbiotic design. In which an older building acts as the host, and the new structure, is attached, and may bring about a new use, and eventually overtime, as the older structure fails, it begins to take over.

Of course nobody sleeps while at architecture school; you stay up all night and doze at your drafting board. But this looks more comfortable. More images in David Frazee's Portfolio in Archinect and Cloak And Dagger Media

"Miner's Shelter" At Taliesin West Is a Tiny Gem
A tiny retreat in the Arizona desert by a Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture Student

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