Micro Compact Home Dropped By Helicopter Onto Site in Switzerland

Of all the tiny houses we have shown on TreeHugger, the Micro Compact Home, by Horden Cherry Lee Architects, was the most architectural, the modernist icon. It was a perfect modern 2.6 meter cube, full of transformer furniture that converted from dining to sleeping. As the tiny house movement exploded, I would have thought that they would have printed hundreds of these; this is number 16.

In his coverage the Tiny House Movement, described by Steven Kurutz wrote in the New York Times, " adherents believe in minimizing one's footprint — structural as well as carbon."

This particular installation of a slightly expanded M-CH does neither; according to Dezeen, it is for a couple of doctors who "own a small one bedroom farmhouse on the land at Via Piazza in Brissago and urgently needed a small guest house for visiting family and friends." Unlike the original, it has a double bed and can seat eight for dinner.

But it is still a very elegant design, with incredibly efficient use of space. According to Dezeen,

In addition to double bed, which lifts and lowers, the guest bed and dining and working space, the micro home has toilet shower and kitchen fitted with microwave, fridge and freezer etc. The little house also has air conditioning and low energy LED lighting and beige leather surfaces with custom designed space for Geneva sound system and Nespresso coffee machine.

Energy use is predicted to be between 4-5 KwHrs per day averaged over the year.

Micro Compact Home 016 by Richard Horden from Dezeen on Vimeo.

Helicopters have limited lifting capacity, so this unit was built with a lightweight aluminum frame and totals 1.8 tons. It was installed in a total of four minutes and nine seconds.

I always loved that original image of the first Micro Compact Home with Smart Car, two icons of compact modern design, both demonstrating how one can do so much in such small packages. I do hope to see many more of these.

home delivery overview

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Micro Compact Home Dropped By Helicopter Onto Site in Switzerland
You can't call an aluminum guest house dropped by helicopter green, but you sure can call it cute.

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