Materia's November Eco Materials


Every month, Materia updates with new materials. Here are the November (more or lesser) eco ones we picked out for you. The pictures above correspond left to right as they appear in the text.

Metallic Leather
It sounds nasty but the European based producer of Metallic Leather, the Hulshof Royal Dutch Tanneries is one of the top 5 tanneries with it’s own high tech biological water purification plant which is regarded as a model of responsible citizenship for the tanning industry. Metallic Leather is the newest surface treatment with several metallic colours and is categorised as renewable. Boiled Word
Boiled Wood is designer Mirjam Griffioen’s result of boiling MDF pressed wood fibers with a resin. These ingredients have been pressed under high pressure and temperature to form beautiful 3D panels. By boiling and deforming the MDF, she created a new material with a unique touch, which is also renewable. We wonder if she uses used MDF…

Art Diffusion
A more comercially available 3D panel is Art Diffusion by Interlam who offer a broad variety of patterns, materials, finishes, and installation in the form of renewable compressed Wood panels.

Another new panel is Duotex, real fabric pressed in a melamine-faced board. The fabric, from natural sources such as cotton or linen, is put between the wood and the melamine which is heated and pressed. You can even choose your own fabric or create your own design. The result in a melamine-faced board is like the original fabric with much more intense colours. The panels are made from HPL, MDF and chip plate and can be used just like the ordinary panels: for example on walls and for furniture. The eco-friendliness of this obviously depends on the material you choose.

Now this is the last wooden panel for this month: Beeldend Konstruktief work with hand woven textile, wooden panels and resin. We like the authentic rough appearance as well as the durability and high resistance obtained by the resin. Weavewood has many uses but is not renewable.

Vubonite is a new material, developed by the Free University of Brussels. It exists of a mix of a powder and a liquid ingredient which harden into a ceramic material at normal room temperature. It can be used in industrial processes, and is also used by artists, interior builders as a good, non flammable alternative of polyester.
It does not smell, is absolutely inflammable, non toxic, weather resistant and is resistant to high temperatures.

Multi-wall Lexan Thermoclear sheet offers high impact strength and light transmission plus energy efficiency. It also provides long-term resistance to weather extremes. Thermoclear sheet can be easily cold-formed on site as primary glazing for new construction, and overglazing in retrofit projects. Vertical internal ribbing and a sleek surface helps provide a fresh, updated look for older buildings. We like that it’s 15 % the weight of double-pane glass, up to 40 % better insulation than single-pane glass and long lasting. We hope it can be recycled though at the end of its life.

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