Materials Monthly

With great excitement and anticipation, we just received our first copy of Materials Monthly from Princeton Architectural Press. This "subscription-based publication providing hands-on access to state of the art materials" is the ultimate answer to the question of how dead tree publications can survive the internet age- send out real stuff.

Materials Monthly promises to bring you a sampling of new and innovative material samples and product sheets that include graphics, material descriptions and technical and performance specifications; the manufacturing process; design applications and examples; and product history and sourcing options.

When I first opened the box I was a bit disappointed- this is an expensive publication and architects are used to getting samples for free. However, after reading the documentation I realized how remarkable and provocative the choices were, and spent much of the day imagining how they might be used. Ultimately I am more than convinced that I received great value for my investment.

(Conflict of Interest Disclosure- I have admired Series Editor Jennifer Siegel since I first met her on the prefab lecture circuit last year, and subscribed because I was certain that, if she was editor, it would be brilliant and beautiful.)

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