Materials Monday: Tin Cans As Cladding

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We have often complained that in North America we are better at recycling tin cans than we are at recycling buildings, but Pugh + Scarpa go even further, recycling tin cans into buildings. That is what they did at their Broadway Court Building in Santa Monica.

Not everyone was impressed.

pugh scarpa broadway building cladding photo

According to Azure,

At ground level, Scarpa stacked blocks made of crushed aluminum cans. The brand name soda and beer insignia add colour and texture, but neighbours and residents have a range of opinions on the matter. Some see the blocks as innovative materials, while others see trash better suited for recycling than building.

assembling tin can wall photo

The architects write:

Broadway Housing consists of 41 units of family affordable housing with two levels of subterranean parking, community spaces and courtyard with play area. The building skin is partially clad with recycled aluminum cans formed into building blocks about twice the size of concrete blocks. We worked with the state to get the approval to work with local recycling companies to provide the material.

Found at recyclart.

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