Mass collaboration to create a small space

The Globe and Mail, which calls itself "Canada's National Newspaper", describes the LifeEdited Project:

Founder of the website that tracks, among other things, developments in green design, Mr. Hill, a designer himself, espouses the joy of living with less and the necessity of doing it in as small a footprint as possible.... Wanting to generate a public discussion, the competition to re-design his tenement apartment would be crowd-sourced, which means it would involve mass collaboration of ideas from everyone who registered online.

Mary Ambrose hits on what I thought was the most interesting part of the LifeEdited competition, and how it differed from traditional onces.

Most architectural competitions publish the criteria, submissions are created and submitted in isolation, the winner is announced and building begins. In this online competition, all the competitors saw each other’s designs and feedback was encouraged. Tweaked designs were re-posted and received more feedback.

In fact, it was a remarkable experience, being a judge on this competition and having to chose among so many wonderful entries. And while Graham tells the Globe and Mail that it was neither time-effective or cheap, he concludes:

“We got over 300 designers all over the world to think about small design. That in itself is amazing.”

More in the Globe and Mail and at LifeEdited

Mass collaboration to create a small space
Canada's National Newspaper covers the LifeEdited Project

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