Magic Carpets Suck Out Air Pollutants


Breathe deep: Chances are that air is not as fresh as you would like to think it is. Indoor Air Quality, which is shown to influence both your health and your productivity, is continually affected by airborne pollutants such as smoke, food and cooking smells, ammonia, and other organic odors which can be continually circulated. Well, imagine a carpet that quietly cleans up the air around you. We recently heard about Puralex, a high-tech odor neutralizer introduced by commercial carpet manufacturer Beaulieu Commercial. According to Beauilieu, Puralex breaks down and destroys these airborne pollutants. "Puralex forms a complex molecular bond that is embedded in the carpet as much as the color," explains press material from Beaulieu. The firm reports independent testing using Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved methods shows Puralex reduces total Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions 25-40 percent.

Beaulieu offers Puralex in its Cambridge brand, in Mystic (shown), a new modular carpet tile which contains 85 percent post-consumer recycled content from recycled glass and plastic drink bottles.

The neutralizer is not limited to water-based odors and, the manufacturer says, has no added harmful chemicals and no fragrance. ::Beaulieu Commercial Also see ::Top 5 Plants For Improving Indoor Air Quality Plus, the EPA has a great ::Guide to Indoor Air Quality

Image courtesy of Beaulieu Commercial.