Lloyd Alter's Favourite Stories of 2011: July

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it is back to basic principles as we look at how to stop the heat before it gets in. Part of a series I call nice shades. I have some Tips From The Pros On How To Keep The Heat Out, and Design Is The Key To Keeping Cool Without Air Conditioning. Then there was Keep Cool With Culture, Not Contraptions, perhaps the most important realization, that the way we live in summer is about cultural adaptation. In August I continued the series with More Architectural Tricks To Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning

raquel nelson intersection
It was also the month that Raquel Nelson was convicted of vehicular homicide because she crossed a five lane highway in Atlanta to get to her home after being let off at a bus stop.

Lloyd Alter's Favourite Stories of 2011: July
It's summertime, and the living is easy, and we are talking about air conditioning.

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