A little bit of extra height makes a big difference in a small apartment

loft apartment
© 3XA/ S.Zajaczkowski

What a difference a bit of height makes. When Graham Hill was doing his LifeEdited project, he had to reject all of the entries that showed lofts because the ceilings just weren't high enough to do a loft bed. But in this old apartment in Poland, Ewa Czerny of 3XA was able to squeeze a sleeping loft into the 3.7m (12'-4") height, on top of the bathroom and entry. That makes the 29m2 (312 SF) apartment feel a lot bigger than it is.

interior© 3XA/ S.Zajaczkowski

It's all made of inexpensive waferboard, and probably cost a lot less than Graham's Clei murphy bed.

Every foot of height a builder adds to a ceiling costs money, but I wonder if it isn't time to retire the 8' standard ceiling height and pump it a bit. nARCHITECTS did this in the New York Micro-Unit competition, creating storage space above the bathroom and kitchen, with enough height that one might be able to squeeze in a loft bed.

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