LifeEdited: Maui: An introduction

LifeEdited: Maui
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Treehugger and LifeEdited founder Graham Hill is building a home in Maui and he needs your help! The project, dubbed LifeEdited: Maui (LEM), will be a compact compound of sorts, packed with transforming, space saving design. It will be off-grid, net-zero/positive and packed with the latest in smart home tech. And because so much of a home’s environmental impact is transportation related, we’ll be incorporating electric vehicles that can be charged with power generated at the compound. The overall mission of the project is to show what’s possible in the design and construction of very low impact living.

An hourlong TV show about the project will air on the DIY Network later this year (and likely on HGTV). We also plan on doing a ton of press outreach and having numerous influencers move through the space in the coming months and years.

We will be sharing our developments about the project on Treehugger. Our first decision will be our biggest, which is deciding whether to do site build or prefab construction. We’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, we are looking for products and tech partners that are aligned with--and want to be featured in--the project. And we are looking for general ideas on how we might make the project better. Head on over to LifeEdited for more information and to share your ideas.

LifeEdited: Maui: An introduction
Help Treehugger founder Graham Hill design his compact, off grid, energy positive compound in Maui.

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