At LifeEdited, Everybody Is A Critic. Hop in and Give Your Opinions, Suggestions and Thoughts, and Win Prizes

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TreeHugger founder Graham Hill founded the LifeEdited project to reduce his footprint to the comfortable essentials, to eliminate the fat in our design and our lifestyles; in his TED talk he explains that "a keen ability to edit will be the most important skill of the next century."

But editing is difficult, especially when you have seven years of TreeHugger under your belt. The LifeEdited apartment has all the latest in transformer furniture, green materials, and minimalist design. Perhaps too much. Perhaps the LifeEdited apartment needs a little editing of its own.

Life Edited Apartment planLifeEdited/CC BY 2.0

Le Corbusier said that creation was a patient search, But he didn't have the Internet. Now, we don't have to be patient, but can crowd-source ideas using technologies like Crowdbrite and find out everyone thinks, what suggestions people have that might improve the design, simplify it, do it more cost-effectively. There are prizes- $100 The Brilliant Idea, $50 The Brite Idea, $25 Runner Up. Plus get featured on LifeEdited and select Global Media Partners. Be a critic or a designer; Just sign up at Crowdbrite and channel your inner Ellsworth Toohey or Howard Roark. I did.

For instance, let's have a look at that bathroom. It was originally designed to have a fold down sink like they used to have in trains. It is a sensible, green idea; the gray water can go right into the toilet tank, and it saves space. But it is not very convenient, and because it isn't standard, it is expensive and possibly hard to get approved by the building inspectors. In the first iteration of LifeEdited, I proposed that the sink not be in the bathroom at all, but in the hall, like Le Corbusier did in the Villa Savoye and I did in the last two houses I lived in. I think Graham should consider the same. That's my idea, and I am not even eligible for a prize.

Be a critic or a designer at LifeEdited. But hurry; contest closes on February 10.

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