Life in a $10k home in a friend's backyard

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Video screen capture Fair Companies

Lloyd has written before about Dee Williams' shift to a simpler, smaller home. Now we get to visit with Williams once again, this time courtesy of Fair Companies - the folks who have brought us videos of a teen building a mortgage-free home , an architect living in 78 square feet, not to mention Graham Hill's fancy but compact LifeEdited apartment.

We learn about her power needs (she runs everything off 240W solar system and a tiny tank of propane), the reclaimed construction materials, the waste water arrangements (a large glass jar). But as we've become accustomed to with Kristen Dirksen's videos, we also learn more about the human aspects of such a life—isn't it tricky living in a friend's backyard?

While Dee herself had reservations, her friend and host Annie had no such qualms:

"We knew she was building it. Hugh and I had talked about it. Like, 'gee, I wonder where she wants to put it. I hope she wants to put it here.' And then she called and said 'Annie, you wanna go for a walk?'"

Money and land are nice to have. But in a plenitude economy, friends and community are priceless.

Life in a $10k home in a friend's backyard
After traveling to Guatemala, a three bedroom house seemed a bit too large. So Dee Williams downsized, big time.

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