"Junk Castle" is made from $500 worth of trash

The Junk Castle is an eye-catching building. Its brights colors, turrets and spires are reminiscent of a Disney castle- but made out of junkyard scraps, not shining brick. Built by high school teacher Vic Moore for his Master of Fine Arts thesis in 1970, it's made from material collected at the county dump, including washing machine parts, dryer doors, bedsteads, and the door of a 1952 Oldsmobile.

A 1975 article from the Tri-City Herald explains that county authorities had no power to block the unorthodox castle's construction, as it was built for less than $500.

The Junk Castle became something of a tourist destination, to the point where Moore became reluctant to talk about it for fear of drawing too many strangers to the site.

For those who don't want to bother Moore, or to head to Washington State, the photographs are more than good enough, and serve as proof that creativity and determination are all it takes to transform someone's junk into one's own architectural treasure.

Special thanks to artist and friend of Vic Moore's, David Patterson for his photographs and information about the Junk Castle.

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"Junk Castle" is made from $500 worth of trash
The Junk Castle was built in 1970 by a high school teacher, from sheet metal, washing machine parts and a 1952 Oldsmobile.