Jimma Banana Art - Job Creation For Youth


We love these decorative greeting cards made from banana leaves. They are made by young Ethiopian women in the city of Jimma. Jimma Banana Art is an organisation that was started back in 2000 with the aim of helping young women to support their families with a sustainable income. The combination of high unemployment rates in Jimma and their very young population, over 50% of Jimma's population is under 20 years old, means that it is extremely difficult for young people to find work. There are now 30 women making these cards and other products, such as place mats and coasters. The banana leaves are a sustainable and plentiful local material which they dry, iron and bake to create different textures and colours before cutting them into graphic patterns. We particularly like the depictions of local landscapes, wildlife, traditions and rituals, such as cooking, grinding flour, drumming and dancing. You can order the cards from their website. All funds go directly towards paying the women who make the cards and towards extending the program. via: DesignBoom. ::Jimma Banana Art

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