Its a Bamboo Holiday

bamboo bowls from Ma Zone

"Being an environmentalist is not about sacrifice," says Roots founder Michael Budman. "It's about change."- A TreeHugger mantra if there ever was one. That's why he sells bamboo bedding and home accessories in the new flagship store, covered earlier here. Michael Correoso, owner of Thynque, a new bamboo distributor, says "Change starts with small things," he says. "People realize: `Hey, I can do things that are good without changing my lifestyle.' Then they start thinking: `Maybe there are other things out there that I can do to make things better." Linda Lunstrom says "There have been companies that have gone out of business trying to create environmentally responsible fabrics," but now that bamboo fabric is competitive with cotton, she is jumping on board. The Star says "bamboo is helping to break down the persistent idea that living an organic lifestyle costs more and requires a style sacrifice from the consumer. And that's a big deal, particularly at this critical moment in human history." Read more about bamboo as "the new darling of design and fashion" in ::The Star


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