Is That Tofu Between Your Toes? - Soy Luxe Carpet


Taking few minutes out to read some information presented with ink, not liquid crystals, I was delighted to discover a newspaper story (remember those?) regarding an Australian rug maker, Customweave, who believe they have a world first. A 100% soy carpet. Like most other products currently made with soy (such as the cute teddy bear we just noted), the fibre is produced from the waste from extracting meal and oil from 14 million tonnes of Chinese soy beans. Likened to cashmere, velvet and alpaca all rolled together, Soy Luxe carpet is of a handtufted cut pile variety. According to the article, it took a year of solving technicalities to make the carpet a reality. Is said to perform well in durability tests, and be "particularly suitable for people with respiratory problems or skin allergies." This seems to be attributed to soy being a protein fibre, with 18 amino acids that keep skin happy. Soy Luxe is a winner in the current round of Australian Design Awards, under the category 'Materials and Textiles Innovation.' It's on the Design Awards site that we learn a tad more about the carpet. It's available in several thicknesses, from 12 to 30mm (0.5 to 1.2 inch), as velours and plushpiles. At the moment it costs a credit card denting $650 AUD per square metre. But Customweave, who are doing some work on their own website, are also in the throes of fabricating a machine-made version, to affect lower pricing. First spotted in the Sydney Morning Herald's ::Domain supplement.