InterfaceFlor Introduces Catalog

How cool is this? In my morning mail call, I received, along with the 17 millionth issue of the New Yorker that I’ll barely have time to read, a new InterfaceFlor catalog. Now, forget for just a moment that they’re sending out the dreaded catalog (we’ll assume that it’s printed on recycled paper using low-impact inks; after all, this is Interface we’re talking about—I mean, even Flor’s packaging is eco) and focus on the fact that it’s never been easier to shop for really smart floorcoverings... The colors…the textures…the colors and the textures! Talk about going mainstream. This is a brilliant move for a brilliant company, and we’re stoked to see them becoming available to wider audience. In case you’ve been living in a closet, Interface Flor is a system of very cool-looking, environmentally-correct, modular carpet-tiles that can be laid down in a variety of patterns sans glue. If you’re the mobile type, you’re in luck—that means you can take it with you. The best thing about these tiles is that they can work for such a wide range of tastes. You can deck out your pad modern-day Eames-style, but we’ll bet they’ll suit your mom too, even if her aesthetic is more Horchow than Herman Miller. By choosing an all-over, uniform pattern, she can create a lovely and seamless look for her new living room, for example. Tiles are about 20-inches-square, and range from as low as $8.99/tile to as much as $15.99/tile. See? Something for everyone. ::InterfaceFlor [by MO]