Interface Entropy carpet tiles

If you go down the woods today you’re in for a big surprise! Instead of finding a Teddy Bear's Picnic, you might just find some carpet designers. That's where Interface say their design team hit upon the the idea for Entropy. A carpet tile with chaos and disorder built-in. Just like the floor of a forest. Combining a single dye lot with a random pattern, allows for tiles to be moved anywhere, facing any direction. If tiles wear out, in high traffic areas, or get stained, just replace them. The randomness hides the new tiles amongst the older ones. Longer life for your flooring, less inventory needed by suppliers. Made from recyclable Lumena solution-dyed nylon, in about 48 different colourways, Entropy became the company’s fastest bestseller, ever. And Interface continue to improve their production processes enroute to becoming a sustainable business. Read an excerpted interview in The Green Business Letter with their chairman, Ray Anderson, on their 10 year journey down this road. ::Interface [by WM]