A look into India's first shipping container home (Video)

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Remade into housing, pop-up shopping plazas and funhouses, shipping container architecture is so trendy nowadays that they are even making knock-offs in China. But shipping containers may make less sense in the subtropical climate of India, yet here too, there seems to be growing interest in the economical and practical advantages of building with shipping containers.

Seen over at Jetson Green and touted as India's first, this 900-square-foot container home was designed and built in 2011 by sports instructor Kameshwar Rao, near Bangalore.

Consisting of four containers stacked in a multi-storey, L-shaped configuration, it features a high ceiling and numerous openings for better cross-ventilation. Rao explains how he got the idea in the Bangalore Mirror:

I have always used shipping containers in my line of work. I had one as an office and one of my students lived in another for quite a while. I have even stacked four shipping containers vertically to create an artificial wall for climbing at Sarjapur.

[..] In 2006, I went to Germany on work and lived in a mobile house made of a shipping container for more than a month. That’s when I realised that they could be used as living spaces.

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There's a lot of lovely details inside, from the window made from recycled bottles and bullock cart wheel, to the kitchen sink made from the funnel of an old truck.

Container Solutions India© Container Solutions India

Confident that there will be growing interest in shipping container buildings in his country, Rao has since started a design-build venture called Container Solutions India.

As for the temperature, Rao's wife Prema, who was skeptical at first, claims that it's no hotter than a house made of reinforced concrete and cement, and is certainly much cheaper and more disaster-resistant. More over at Jetson Green and The Bangalore Mirror.

A look into India's first shipping container home (Video)
Take a tour of one of India's first shipping container houses.

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