IDS07: Historic Woods


The Interior Design Show is full of eye candy but sometimes the simpler booths have the most impact. At TreeHugger we debate whether imported bamboo is better than local hardwood, but what about reclaimed wood? It has always made me a bit nervous, because the lovely old barns dotting the landscape become more valuable as fodder for the mills than they are as structures. (previous treehugger post on one supplier here) Historic woods finds its woods from old buildings and even old piers. However they cut it to only a quarter inch thick and laminate it to formaldehyde free, sustainably harvested baltic birch, so the reclaimed wood stretches three times as far. Being a engineered floor, it can go over concrete. So while American wormy chestnuts are extinct, and there are only so many piers being dug up on the Toronto waterfront, more people get to enjoy it in a stable, long-lasting form. ::Historic Woods found at ::IDS