I Can Has Architect-designed Home? Feral Cats Get Big Digs

Tin Hut© Tamar @ I LOVE CAT/ Tin hut by Kathryn Walton
A cat house made from 300 empty cat food tins.

According to Architects for Animals:

Tens of thousands of homeless, stray and free-roaming cats live on the streets and in alleyways, back yards, and abandoned lots throughout the city. Many of the cats live in groups known as “colonies.” The winter months are particularly difficult for these cats, when inclement weather creates serious and life-threatening challenges, including finding food, water, and shelter.

moser© Tamar @ I LOVE CAT/ The cat coop, M. Moser and Associates

In New York City, there is a Feral Cat Initiative to help deal with the problem. Every year, Architects for Animals does an exhibition of architect-designed homes for cats in support of the initiative. Architizer (from whom I stole the title) covered it and Tamara Arslanian of I HAVE CAT photographed it; here are a few of the designs.

callsion© Tamar @ I LOVE CAT/
Even the big firms are getting into it. Here, a lean-to for cats.

I often joke that architects will do any kind of work these days, but these are serious; big architecture firms contributing their time to this cause. It's too bad that these were not ready in time to be entered in Mayor Bloomberg's tiny apartment competition.

More at Architizer, Facebook and I HAVE CAT.

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