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It's a statutory holiday north of the border, and I should be outside. Instead I am wasting it at BuildingGreen, writing haikus about " some aspect of sustainable design, architecture, construction, green rating systems, or building operations & maintenance." I am not very good at it, and tend to be a bit self-reverential, (see Another Paul Rudolph Might Bite The Dust: Orange County Government Center Under Threat and A Plague On Both Their Passive Houses: Confusion Reigns In Fight Over The Name And the Standard regarding the two haikus above)

But Andrea or Ted at the Almost Passive House are absolutely brilliant; who needs blogs or twitter when you can cover the latest news in haiku like they do. On the balconies at Chicago's Aqua Tower:

Undulating waves
Gently caressing the sky
Massive thermal bridge.

On the War in the Woods, a telling explanation of what happens when these disputes happen:

Can't decide between
Just build out of rocks.

And, judging by the retweets, everybody's favorite:

No one ever asked
When they built the Taj Mahal
"What about payback?"

Think of your own and enter it at BuildingGreen, or tweet it with the hashtag #GreenBuildingHaiku before Tuesday at 5 EDT.

I am enjoying / BuildingGreen's Haiku Contest / Enter or Read Them
The Green website crosses National Poetry Month with National Architecture Week and comes up with a clever idea.

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