Huntsman Announce Green Chemistry Business Unit


"Energy efficiency and Green Chemistry are not only better for the environment, they make sound business sense." So says Don Stanutz, President of the Performance Products Division within Huntsman Corporation. If like me you were wondering Huntsman who? Then an epoxy based adhesive, called Araldite, might be more familiar to you. And apparently Huntsman, who operate in 90 countries, are also heavily involved in providing materials for the fabrication of wind turbine blades. In a recent press release, the company indicated they plan to "significantly ramp up" their work in the field of green chemistry. Currently their products in this vein include "propylene carbonate based solvents that reduce toxicity in applications from agriculture to industrial cleaning agents, carbonates that reduce volatile organic compounds in paints, wood preservatives that replace a known human carcinogen, waterborne paint primers, non-brominated flame retardants and catalysts that eliminate emissions from insulation foams." With this new business unit they feel that "the possibilities for more are endless. We are especially anxious to build our position in this burgeoning field through the use of bio-based feedstocks such as glycerin, natural alcohols, methylesters, carbohydrates and sugars."::Huntsman, via Sportstextiles.