Hudson Valley Warehouse Finds New Homes for Waste and Debris

Tucked modestly away in Orange County NY, the Hudson Valley Materials Exchange is a non-profit organization that takes in donations of landfill-destined waste and debris from local businesses. Anything useable is sent to artists and schools or sold to members of the public at a steep discount from market value. Their materials list reads like a teacher's dream, and purchasers come down from Connecticut and Massachusetts as well as the surrounding counties of New York and New Jersey to take advantage of low prices for warehouse members.Of particular interest is their program to salvage building materials and provide them to low-income homeowners. In addition to making these materials available at a low cost, HVME educates consumers who come by the warehouse, explaining how much waste is generated by manufacturing and construction and encouraging shoppers to skip unnecessary purchases. They also run a "pack rat therapy" 12-step-style program and hold workshops around the area from their Reuse-A-Bus (we hope it runs on biodiesel). Their website front page is hideous, but if you click through the links on the sidebar you'll find a wealth of well-formatted information, including links to similar organizations in other areas. ::Hudson Valley Materials Exchange