How to demonstrate a Passive House with a Cornish Pasty or a whiteboard

Passive House explained
© Mark Elton

There is a big Passive House (or Passivhaus) conference happening in Milton Keynes (a planned town outside of London) that is the source of some very odd tweets. The Passivhaus concept isn't complicated, (my favorite slightly NSFW explanation is here) but people keep trying to make it even easier to understand.

I do like this simplified explanation of a Passivhaus using a cornish pasty, tweeted by Cornish architect and Passivhaus designer Mark Elton.

Passive House Explained in 90 Seconds from Hans-Jörn Eich on Vimeo.

Another tweet linked to this great video by Hans-Jörn Eich, a German "passive house proponent" living in Canada. It is a bit idealized, but explains the basic concepts nicely for those with short attention spans. Get it?

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