"House for trees" built in Ho Chi Minh City

House of trees
© Vo Trong Nghia via Designboom

This is the fourth amazing project by Vietnamese architect Vo Trong Nghia that we have shown on TreeHugger. Each of them show a talent for working with climate, for breaking down the divide between inside and out. This is a single family house on a built on a piece of land in the middle of a block, accessible only by a lane.

Designboom writes that "the project is conceived as an accumulation of individual fragments, standing out amid the surrounding formal row houses". It's built out of concreted poured into bamboo forms, which result in the lovely ribbed finish.

The five boxes (connected by bridges on the upper levels) act as giant planters, bringing trees back into the city. And it was all built for just US$ 156,000. Lots more images at Designboom

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"House for trees" built in Ho Chi Minh City
Designboom shows Trong Nghia's latest house, built out of towers with trees on top in the middle of a block.

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