House for artist is built into Mexico City billboard

dark© Scribe via Gizmag

Billboards are surprisingly strong structures; we have played with the idea of living in them on TreeHugger before. Now Gizmag shows one in Mexico City that provides a home for artists working on a prominent hand-painted billboard for paper company Scribe. Jonathan Fincher writes:

billboard closeup© Scribe via Gizmag
To create the new billboard home, Scribe contracted architect Julio Gomez Trevilla to design a small structure that could meet a person's needs for a short period of time. After a suitable spot was chosen, the trick then was to construct a space that was lightweight enough to attach to the back of a typical billboard, while still having all the amenities a person would need to live there. Trevilla eventually settled on a plan that was less like a house built onto a billboard and more like a billboard built onto an elevated house.

scribe interior© Scribe via Gizmag

The interior is small at 172 square feet, with folding or rolling furniture. However there is room for "for a kitchen, dressing room, closet, bathroom, shower, and work desk."

The artist Cecilia Beaven lived inside the billboard for 10 days as she painted the mural. Lots more images in Gizmag

billboard © Scribe via Gizmag

House for artist is built into Mexico City billboard
It takes time to paint a billboard by hand; why not provide a house for the artist while they work?

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