Is This the Highest Concentration of Treehouses in the World? Man Builds Ewok Village in Oregon

Treehouse Ewok Village photoFairCompanies/Video screen capture

From an almost invisible treehouse of mirrors to a slideshow of magical treehouses fit for a Treehugger, we've featured a fair few treehouses in our time. but it looks like we have yet to feature the work of Michael Garnier and his "treesort" in the forests of Oregon.

Treehouse Ewok Village photoFairCompanies/Video screen capture

Garnier has created what looks like an ewok village, despite initial opposition from planning authorities. Besides the obvious eco benefits of not chopping down trees, there's something to be said for giving people such a close appreciation of the majesty of the forest.

treehouse ewok village photoFairCompanies/Video screen capture

And from avoiding too rigid a structure to sizing the house to fit the tree, there's plenty of practical advice for treehouse builders of any size or ambition. (Garnier sells plans for all kinds of treehouses over at his website Thanks once again to FairCompanies for another beautiful video.

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