"Hen House" Treads Lightly on the Scottish Landscape

This kind of windblown northern landscape is actually incredibly fragile. The barren and open quality is what makes it so attractive and has to be dealt with so carefully. Rural Design Architects, based on Scotland's Isle of Skye, certainly understand this. They explain the problem:

This small holiday house, located in the township of Fiscavaig on the western side of the Isle of Skye, deliberately eschews convention due to its unusual site. Indeed on first visiting the site it was difficult to see how any proposal could succeed if it disrupted such a landscape.

To beat this problem, they lifted the house on piloti, or post foundations, so that it "releases the design from convention." The house is built with local trades from local materials, and kept small to minimize its impact. The interior is lined with oriented strand board (OSB) which is economical and doesn't crack up if the heat is turned off and there is a freeze; it also adds stiffness.

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evening© Andrew Lee

The house won the Saltire Architectural medal in 2010 and is available for rent.

"Hen House" Treads Lightly on the Scottish Landscape
A small holiday house by Rural Design Architects is designed to act as "a visitor in the ancient landscape."

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