Hempline Automotive Composites

We know that cars are being made with parts from sweet potato derivatives but from hemp? Well, yes. As previously alluded to, hemp had been used in car prototypes, by Henry Ford. Now, according to Hempline, automotive composites are the single largest user of hemp fibre in North America. Building on innovations in Europe, hemp is currently finding work as a replacement for glass-fibre. It is blended with polyproplene, polyethylene and even polyester to produce compression moulded or needle-punched parts. Suggested to be cost effective, reducing moulding time and easy to process and subsequently to recycle (though we wonder about the latter, given the mixing of a biodegradable and petrochemical material). Furniture is said to be another likely application, now that it has proven itself in the automative industry. ::Hempline [by WM]