Hemcore: Manufacturers of Hemp Fiber and Animal Bedding

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Though some of you may be horse people, we know that TH is an unlikely place to find a blurb about animal bedding. Still, Hemcore is such an excellent example of how hemp can be used that we couldn't pass it up... Hemcore Horse Bedding is made from the inner core of the hemp plant stem (virtually drug-free), is not bleached, and is grown and processed no with absolutely no agrochemicals. It is fully recyclable, biodegrable, and compstable. Plus, hemp is also fast-growing and sustainable. It also provides a soft, comfortable bed, which is more moisture- and ammonia-absorbant than either straw or sawdust; provides a dust-free environment; is longer-lasting than its counterparts; and is also packed into heat-sealed, recyclable polythene bags. The manufacturer of Hemcore, which can also provide precision cut hemp for the textile industry, is based in the U.K., where hemp was once widely used in the manufacture of sails for the nation's glorious naval fleet. Thanks for the tip Brian B! ::Hemcore
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