Help Finish Greensburg's Meadowlark Eco-Home

Meadowlark© GreenTown

Three years ago I was on the jury of the Chain of Eco-Homes competition to build a house in Tornado-ravaged Greensburg, along with Steve Thomas of Planet Green, Michelle Kaufmann, Allison Arieff and members of the Greensburg community. I praised the winner winner, designed by New York architect Steven Learner Studio:

I think the best word I can find is "allroundedness." The architects were able to come up with a crisp, modern design, yet hit the right buttons of sustainable design: a tight plan that minimizes waste, good understanding of passive solar and ventilation systems, a comfortable family friendly layout. It was a great balancing act of design, approachability and efficiency.

It got started by non-profit GreenTown and was going to be the centerpiece of a "premiere, sustainable, model town" but for reasons that are not entirely clear, did not get finished; on Indiegogo the developer Green Town explains:

The project was started with all the funds secured, but an unforeseen circumstance with our primary funding source left GreenTown needing to secure additional funding to complete the home. We are raising money for siding, exterior doors, windows, and the installation of those items for the home.

rendering© Green Town

This is really unfortunate, because it is a really interesting house, built out of the European LEGO- like HIB system to Passivhaus standards. Windows that meet this standard are really expensive.

The house, when finished, will be open to the public as a demonstration project, and will be available to stay in as a Bed and Breakfast. The Indiegogo campaign to raise $50,000 needs a serious kick-start so contribute here.

Help Finish Greensburg's Meadowlark Eco-Home
The winner of a design competition runs out of money before it's complet

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