Hausboot, The Stunning Houseboat From Confused Direction, Is Back In Wood

Three years ago I was entranced by the Schwimmhausboot , designed by Flo Florian and Sascha Akkermann of Confused Direction. Now it is back, clad in a softer, warmer wood.

Designboom says that this is a second iteration of the unit, but when I compare it to the other, it has the same floor, same appliances, same speakers hanging from the ceiling, which I find a bit confusing. There are some additions, including the cat, and there are changes at the main entrance.

It is heated by a Bullerjan Stove, famously marketed as being "designed by Canadian Lumberjacks" even though it wasn't. (I think it was designed by Eric Darnell in Vermont)

Whether it is new or older and renovated, it remains a beautiful example of compact modern design. More images at Confused Direction and Designboom

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