Hats off to this Japanese house with a big cantilevered roof

Given our name, it should be no surprise that we love wood buildings. But can you have too much of a wood thing? Designboom shows a small, economical house designed by Jun Igarashi Architects. There was a tight budget on the job, and there's a building code rule in Hokkaido requiring three foot deep foundations. The architects cleverly put this to use by putting the bedroom and bath in the basement.

jun igaragshi house interior© Sergio Pirrone via Designboom

They also left all the wood exposed, and used simple exposed diagonal cables for lateral stability. I love the look of the interior.

jun igaragshi house exteriro© Sergio Pirrone via Designboom

But the dominant feature is the giant hat of a roof, which shades and protects the six foot deep balcony. I do worry though about what might happen in a big windstorm, how much uplift can that roof take, might these be eaves of destruction?

Lots more images on Designboom.

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