Grow your own building with Baubotanik architecture

building from trees
© ludwig.schönle via Designboom

When we first wrote about German architect Ferdinand Ludwig, I noted that Architecture is not a profession for those with short attention spans. Ludwig is in a whole different category- he grows buildings, and needs a very long attention span. His biggest, the ‘platanen-kubus’ won’t be finished until 2028.

Designboom describes it:

The building is a multi-story structure comprising of more than 1000 plane trees that Ludwig has combined into a single living organism. The living building materials overgrow a steel framework and as the years go on, will transcend into the bearing elements.

botanic-build: a hybrid of nature and technology from designboom on Vimeo.

Ludwig calls it “Baubotanik”; we called it a new branch of architecture. Brian called an earlier structure “ perhaps the greenest building ever has been completed.”

The trees are now supported by steel, but the steel elements will be removed as the trees grow strong enough to support the structure on their own. Lots more images at Designboom.

Grow your own building with Baubotanik architecture
For architects who take things very slow.

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